Happy 2018 from Artlife Original! February 15 2018

It's already FEBRUARY! Hard to believe we are this far into 2018! Stephanie here...filling in as blog post person extraordinaire for Artlife Original Studio. It has been pretty quiet around the actual studio for the first month or so of the year, but our artists have still been busy creating, traveling and hustling. Read on to learn more...


Shawn Griggs-Redeye Laboratories, Artlife Original artist

Shawn Griggs started off the year right, doing an Artist Residency in Chacala, Mexico from January 20th-February 3rd. He was able to create art and teach some of the local children during several art classes during his time there! To see photos documenting Shawn's epic experience, check out his social media pages. You will be truly inspired!




In an ongoing partnership, Shawn also got to create another awesome label for Lost Coast Brewery! Their new "Revenant Red" IPA sports the signature Shawn Griggs skulls on this colorful new label. Check it out, and don't forget to pick up some Revenant Red, too!

Congratulations, Shawn!


Sonny Wong is....well, he's EVERYWHERE! Whether he is making music, sketching, doing graffiti art or posting new items in his Etsy store, Sonny is one busy man. He was recently part of a graffiti art group show at Piante Gallery in Eureka, CA, titled "Idle Hands". The event was held in conjunction with the monthly Arts Alive! event. Although the opening event has passed, you can get a taste of what went down here: 

Check the following links below for more details to get you some fine creations from this versatile artist!



Etsy store:

Here's to continued success & awesomeness, Sonny Wong!


Andrei Hedstrom-Andrei Hedstrom Studio, Artlife Original artist


When he isn't busy running his incredible company and being an awesome father and husand, Andrei is busy working on multiple projects here in the studio. Collaborating with Shawn Griggs, Andrei is working on a large piece that blends the unique and varying styles of both artists. Here's a quick peek from an Artlife Wednesday painting session just a few weeks ago:

While there are no set plans for the completed piece, both Andrei and Shawn are excited about seeing where the journey takes them. If you're local, feel free to stop by the studio to see the piece.

Andrei is known for his large paintings, without a doubt. But lately he has taken to smaller canvases for his individual work, focusing on one of his favorite things: the natural beauty of Humboldt County. There are 4 smaller pieces in the works currently, some of them painted plein air, or outdoors. Once they are completed they will be added to Andrei's website and social media, where they will be available for purchase. Keep your eyes open for these pieces, coming soon!

And now...for future news! Andrei is formulating some works for an upcoming show later this year. We are keeping it on the down low for the time being...just hoping to pique your curiosity! This show will bring some new elements to the table, in addition to the fine art paintings we've come to know and love from Andrei. If you can't wait until later this year to view his work, you can still see his pieces hanging in the Arcata-Eureka Airport until June, and at Tuya's Restaurant in Ferndale, California. Stay tuned!

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to Artlife Original family member Jess Aldeghi, whose work is currently hanging in Mind's Eye Manufactory and Coffee Lounge here in Ferndale. We were really excited to introduce Jess to Leah Daniels at Mind's Eye, and to see them connect to bring more beautiful art to Ferndale! You can purchase both original art and prints at Mind's Eye, or via Jess' website:

In the meantime, here are a few shots of Jess' work in Mind's Eye:


That does it for now. Be sure to follow all of our artists on social media, check out their websites and stores, and of course, support artists by purchasing their work! If you know if any local artists looking to connect here in Humboldt County, forward them to Stephanie at Help us grow the Artlife Original family. Until next time...make life your art, and your!




Wrap It up! November 27 2017

November is almost gone, and it's time to wrap it up, both literally and figuratively! 

We've been busy here in the studio during the months of October and November. Here are a few updates:

We had some great Artlife Wednesday gatherings during the last two months. A lot of creating, sharing of ideas & great music by varying musicians. We are looking to start having a monthly Artlife Supper, as well as a Family Artlife Night, so if anyone has suggestions for food, chefs, or if you just want to come throw down some fine fixins, let us know! We also would like to invite people to play music and spin records, so if you have an interest, get in touch with us at! In the meantime, here are a couple shots from Artlife Wednesday...



During this last week of November, we said our goodbyes to "The Mystic Supper" piece that Andrei has been working on for over a year. We had a small gathering to infuse it with love and good vibes, then shipped it off on November 22nd. Big shout out to Superframe in Toronto, who will be handling and preparing the piece, then installing it in the patron's home. Another shout out to Dan Tubbs for capturing some beautiful images of the piece, which we will be sharing in the near future. In the meantime, here are a few memories of "The Mystic Supper":

Farewell Gathering for "The Mystic Supper"


Finally, with the holiday & gift giving season upon us, we are excited to announce that we've added several items to the Artlife Original store! For the first time, there are two fine art canvas prints by Andrei Hedstrom available in our store. We've also added multiple framed illustrations and even a throw pillow to round out home decor options. Looking for a unique Star Wars themed gift? Then you can't go wrong with the various "Boba Fett by Andrei Hedstrom" options, including iPhone cases, t-shirts and even socks. We have coffee mugs, totes and lots of t-shirts, so check it out now!

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest installment! Happy holidays and happy shopping...we'll see you next month!

Artlife News October 13 2017

Fall is here and we are easing into the shorter days and cooler weather. But we certainly haven't slowed down! Here's an update on Artlife Original happenings.

In September, Andrei finished a commission piece for the St. Peter Lutheran School in Lodi, California. Long-time friend, David Warmbier, who is principal of the school, commissioned a piece to hang in one of their gathering rooms. As always, Andrei was up to the task, and created this colorful, intricate piece:

Titled "Saint Peter's Vineyard", it is a 10' x 4' oil on canvas, depicting the spirit and natural beauty of the area. David was thrilled to receive the piece, and says everyone that sees it is in awe, and truly enjoys taking in the details and color. Congratulations to St. Peter Lutheran School!


If you've visited the studio or follow Andrei on any social media, you are familiar with another commission piece, titled "The Last Supper". This piece has become quite the focal point of the studio, and we are happy to announce that it should be making its way to its new home in Toronto, Canada by the end of the year! We've even contemplated have a "going away" party of sorts, and we will definitely keep you posted on any developments!

Andrei putting some finishing touches on "The Last Supper", October 11, 2017


As many of you know, Artlife Wednesday has been a standing weekly event for local artists and musicians to come together for community and inspiration. Although we had a bit of a lull over the Summer, we are glad to see people coming back. We are also excited to welcome two new artists into the Artlife family!

Nicholas Coroneos has been visiting Artlife since late Summer, and has recently relocated to Ferndale from the LA area. In addition to painting, he has also honed his carpentry and design skills, then added sculpture and bronze casting. While he is securing a new space here in Ferndale we are happy to have him join us at Artlife each week. His sculpture and bronze work can be viewed at:


Next up, we have recently had the pleasure of meeting Jess Aldeghi of Toad Art. Jess is a local artist, living and working in Arcata. She has been creating art since she was a child, and always knew she wanted to be an artist. While traveling and living in Italy, she kept to smaller pieces created with Prismacolor marker. But now that she has the space she is getting back into painting as well. She's working on a new website, but in the meantime, you can view her work at:

Welcome to Artlife, Nick & Jess!


Well folks, that's enough for now. Keep your eye out for info coming soon on holiday gift ideas from our artists that are available on the Artlife Original website. We will also include some links to the artist's other online stores and websites. Until next time, make life art &!

Artlife News! August 04 2017

Greetings, Artlifers! As August descends upon us, we at Artlife Original are reflecting back on a great Summer, as well as looking forward to upcoming projects and all this month will bring. There's a lot to share, so let's get to it!

Summer saw Andrei Hedstrom heading to Costa Rica for both business and pleasure. After a week of meetings with his awesome teammates at SweetRush, he found some time to breathe in some peace and beauty in one of the most magical places in the world. But the art work doesn't stop! Upon return to Ferndale, Andrei jumped right in to a new commissioned piece for St. Peter's Church Winery in Sonoma County. It's a work-in-progress with pictures coming soon! 

In other exciting news, there's a brand new restaurant opening in Ferndale that will feature Andrei's art. Tuya's Authentic Mexican Restaurant is opening later this month on Main Street, and will showcase two pieces of Andrei's work-"Rainforest Inside" and "The King's Undergrowth". We are excited to partner with this new establishment and to share art with the community and visitors alike. 

"Rainforest Inside" currently hangs in The Old Steeple here in Ferndale, and can be seen there until August 9th.

"The King's Undergrowth" can also be seen at The Old Steeple until August 9th.

A big thank you goes out to the Redwood Art Association for including Andrei's work in an exhibition at the Arcata Regional Airport. Seven pieces will hang in the lobby areas of the airport for the next year. So if you're traveling or have visitors coming in, be sure to take a look at the incredible pieces! Here's a tiny sneak peek...


Lastly, we have been busy adding a few new items to our Artlife Original store! In addition to a new tote and coffee mug, we finally have a couple of CANVAS PRINTS available. Soon we will also offer some of Andrei's outstanding illustrations on merchandise, including shirts, and also prints. Stay tuned to see what's next!


Our favorite Dirty Rat, Sonny Wong, has made it a priority to hit the trails and camp as much as possible this Summer. All that natural inspiration is evident in his art and music. In addition to illustrating a board game, he has been busy putting out another album, (see pic below) and he busted out some archived pieces to hang at Humboldt Bay Coffee Company for Arts Alive! August 5th. We were glad to see him and his lovely wife, Sherry, at Artlife Wednesday this week & hope to see them more often!

"Walking Thru Walls" is available locally at The Works in Eureka, as well as on CD Baby & iTunes!

Check out this beauty and the following pieces at Humboldt Bay Coffee Company for Arts Alive! in Eureka...

Rock on, Sonny Wong!!!


One of the hallmarks of Summer is Festival Season! Shawn Griggs has been on the move, painting, creating and preparing for one of the biggest festivals, Reggae on the River. Shawn will be posted up sharing his art and merchandise at the event again this year, so if you are attending, hit him up! In addition to festivals, Shawn has been busy collaborating with local businesses and getting new merchandise out. See the photos below for more!

Shawn's art on this trailer wrap for Lost Coast Brewery's Fogcutter Double IPA. Wrap was done by Visual Concepts in Arcata!


Great shot of Shawn's art on the Fogcutter can!


New hoodies, t's and tanks are now available from Redeye Laboratories! Check them out (and order something!) at 


We have been blessed this Summer to travel, create, connect, see old friends and make new ones, and expand our Artlife Family. And we are excited about all the possibilities of the future. Check back soon for more updates and info. Don't forget...Artlife Wednesdays every week. Love & good vibes to all!


Art life Original Studio Manager



New Addition to Artlife Original July 10 2017


Well has been awhile since we've posted anything here at Artlife! Which makes this post even more fun, because we get to announce the addition of a new Studio Manager to the Artlife family.

Starting in June 2017, Stephanie Willoughby joined the Artlife Team as the Studio Manager and also as manger for most things art-related for Andrei Hedstrom. She is a Southern Illinois transplant that landed in Humboldt County a little over a year ago. Through friendships and connections with Andrei, Sonny Wong and Shawn Griggs, among others, it was decided to bring Stephanie on to keep things updated, add new products and generally be a liason for the studio. 

Stephanie's work life has been rich and diverse, including a lot of sales & marketing, customer service, management, food co-ops, non-profit work, and even many aspects of healthcare. She grew up with an artist mother, and started sketching and creating at a very young age. While raising 5 kids back in Illinois, Stephanie didn't have a lot of time for canvas work, so she took to painting the walls of her various living spaces and crafting to satisfy the art urge. She is also a certified Birth Doula and has studied herbal medicine on her own for over 20 years.

Another aspect of her work life was being a personal assistant for tattoo artists Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman of Hyperspace Studios in Creal Springs, illinois, which included a lot of travel and exposure to art and artists in many forms. It was through this work that she first came to California, and quickly fell in love with it. We are glad she followed her dream of moving to The Golden State!

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie to Artlife Original. You can catch her at the studio most days, and especially during Artlife Wednesdays. Cheers!

Artlife March 09 2015

Over In Wong's Corner January 29 2015

Some of that Ol Sonny Wong stuff... December 21 2014

Cream City December 13 2014

Black Faun Gallery - Candystick Underground show - collaborations between Griggs, Wong and Hedstrom December 10 2014

Artlife July 25 2014


Andrei in Kuwait 1991


pear trees

Pear Trees and Flowers by Andrei Hedstrom


art life food

Sushi by Kyotos of Eureka



Raven by Andrei Hedstrom


The Old Oak Tree Andrei Hedstrom

Oak Tree by Andrei Hedstrom



Back to Humboldt!



Flora Grubb in SF Artlife garden car!


andrei-hedstrom-artwise-rodin-2 Photo on 2011-09-19 at 18.02 #2 facebook_photo_download_10150280239154879 facebook_photo_download_10150279656549879 facebook_photo_download_10150253701664879 facebook_photo_download_10150229839369879 facebook_photo_download_10150100937169879

ARTLIFE June 12 2014

IMG_1502 IMG_1384 IMG_1345 IMG_2157 IMG_2159

Artlife June 12 2014

282948_291200371054442_4308092353898614142_n 1512714_291200424387770_6099775303481900974_n 1610053_283080578533088_1909330074031804553_n 10245549_291178107723335_6029131851424577320_n 10308384_291200457721100_8082588487967325287_n 10313356_283051381869341_8849844770763161396_n 10321193_284623081712171_6550468595333979766_o 10333650_289593104548502_8799052697745437932_o 10336778_657980094280858_3137503809276493884_n 10354674_291158094392003_432431962581983175_n 10379900_10203946594655028_8472297059663816291_o 10397833_657980320947502_829414705041726619_n 10407291_657247327687468_7007582746642107174_n

Kickstarter campaign a success! May 08 2014

Thanks to everyone who backed us on our upcoming show and took home some killer art.  We will keep you posted on the show.  We have a few other exciting projects in the works - stay tuned.  


It is the final day of our Kickstarter project for Artlife - this means a last chance to get some of the art pieces we have offered as rewards at such a great price. Thanks to all who have helped make this campaign a success. We are looking forward to a productive year ahead and a great show. logo

Our KICKSTARTER launched! March 31 2014

Please take a look here!

Random Acts of Artlife Old and New March 14 2014

facebook_photo_download_10150256635649879 facebook_photo_download_10150256635434879 IMG_1921 facebook_photo_download_10150256629439879 IMG_1890 SR_torii_1 IMG_1884 IMG_1861 IMG_2210 IMG_1859 IMG_1838 IMG_2119 IMG_2118 IMG_2099 IMG_1831 IMG_2077 IMG_2065 IMG_1793 IMG_1792 IMG_1781 IMG_2017 IMG_2002 IMG_1978 IMG_1960 IMG_1946 IMG_1940 IMG_1647 IMG_1925 IMG_1616 IMG_1544 IMG_1539 IMG_0923 IMG_0972 IMG_0863 IMG_0858 IMG_3018 IMG_6372 IMG_3019 IMG_5545 IMG_7609 IMG_5537 IMG_7594 IMG_7545 IMG_7550 IMG_6629 IMG_6626 IMG_6612 IMG_6615 IMG_6609 IMG_6605 IMG_6599 IMG_6592 art life1 art life julie 1-27-13 2 art life 2

A night of ARTLIFE with Sonny WONG September 13 2013

Artlife Family Night July 11 2013

    Once in awhile we like to bring our families together and set up a scene where our kids can make art in the studio.  Last night was a lot of fun - lots of great color, fun little projects, new experiences, tasty food.  Nice to step out of the hard work of making art and slide into the joy of seeing kids be creative.  Very inspiring! IMG_6062 IMG_6059 IMG_6054 IMG_6051 IMG_6049 IMG_6042 IMG_6039 IMG_6037 IMG_6035 IMG_6034 IMG_6031 IMG_6028 IMG_6027 IMG_6025 IMG_6024 IMG_6023

Artlife July 04 2013

IMG_5973 IMG_5974 IMG_5977 IMG_5979 IMG_5980 IMG_5981 IMG_5982 IMG_5983 IMG_5984 IMG_5985 IMG_5987

Artlife June 29 2013

IMG_2253 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2275 IMG_2282 IMG_2305 IMG_2312 IMG_2326 IMG_2335 IMG_2341 IMG_2351 IMG_2353 IMG_2374 IMG_2469 IMG_2474tlife

Artlife June 23 2013

IMG_1120 IMG_0981 IMG_1675 IMG_1666 IMG_1574 IMG_1532 IMG_1445 dreams of red sake detail 2 andrei hedstrom IMG_0056 IMG_0783 IMG_1577 IMG_0948 IMG_1539 IMG_1617-001 IMG_1979   Thanks to Erik Borzi for some for some of the awesome pics!  

Artlife June 18 2013

banjo andrei andrei pic instg 2 022613 art life 1-27-13 2dreams of red sake detail 3 andrei hedstrom IMG_4295 IMG_3847 IMG_4883 IMG_4911

Artlife June 17 2013

darren and jiordi artlife original - jiordi and casey art life 3 artlife original - jiordi, pete, darren artlife original - pete, jiordi, erik, casey, jeff at andrei hedstrom's piante show with lighted ballons artlife food for andrei's painte show - kyotos sushi! artlife original julie art life1 back alley art and music festival minds eye manufactory